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Granite Recycling in Rochester


M.C.M. Natural Stone is the first company in the Rochester area to bring full granite recycling to life with our line of Bella Terra paving stones.  We take what others consider waste products and turn their left over granite into a beautiful and functional new product.

While we thought this was a great idea, we couldn’t have anticipated the number of other stone workers and contractors in the area who are now helping us to recycle left over project granite.

Once the stone is sorted by size we cut them into a variety of identical pieces to make them easier to design with.  After some quick polish work and a quality check on the edges, they are headed off the be sorted and stacked.

We stock and supply standard sizes and shapes, ready to send out to new projects.  We also produce pallets based on customer requests for different patterns.  We have pattern samples and suggestions that help you lay everything out before you start, though some people like making it up as they go. The design possibilities are endless.



  1. nancy alcorn
    nancy alcorn01-08-2015

    i’m looking for a 17 inch wide by 26 inches long piece of granite for a portable kitchen island. it would have to be finished off on all sides. would this be available through you and what is the price range

    • MCM Stone
      MCM Stone01-28-2015

      We have a large selection of remnant material available to choose from. The price for this size top is about $140.00. This does not include delivery or installation. Please feel free to come in and check out our selection of remnants.

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