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Picking the Perfect Granite Kitchen Countertop


When you look at a beautiful granite kitchen countertop, you’re actually looking at a piece of history.  The granite itself was formed eons ago from molten lava, and the use of granite in construction goes back to ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome. 

Today, we import granite for our countertops from quarries all over world – including places as far away as India and Africa. MCM stock hundreds of varieties of granite, along with soapstone, marble & limestone, right here in our Rochester, NY showroom. We also have access to more than 2,700 varieties of granite!  

Below are some tips on how YOU can pick the perfect granite countertop for your kitchen.

Granite is Nature’s Perfect Countertop

The granite in your kitchen or bathroom was created millions of years ago – leaving it with a hard, nearly impervious surface.  You can cut on granite, put a boiling hot pot on it, and drop things on it, even spill red wine on it… all without damaging your countertop.

That doesn’t mean you want to be reckless with your granite countertop, cracks and chips can occur if someone abuses it.  If you take minimal care of your granite countertop, every-day wear and tear won’t harm it. For example, even though most granite varieties are naturally non-porous, some types of granite need to be sealed to resist staining.  The more dense varieties involve less maintenance as your granite kitchen countertop. The ones that don’t need sealing – which are generally the darker colored granites – are almost impossible to stain. As part of our installation package MCM seals everything that leaves our shop.

Working Directly With Granite Professionals…

Many kitchen designers, sales people and contractors sell folks like you the varieties of granite that match their aesthetic preference, without suitable information about what additional maintenance that granite countertop may require.  They either assume all granite is the same, or they just don’t know how to tell the difference.  In either event, picking granite that has semi-precious deposits, for example, or is lighter in color, therefore less dense, can increase the chances of chipping or staining. It is also important to note that some of the lighter granites can appear “stained” when they are wet, just like a rock in a creek bed, but when the water dries, the wet spot disappears.

When you come to MCM Natural Stone, we’ll help you pick the perfect granite for your project.  If you do fall in love with granite that needs sealing, we’ll do it for you before it is installed.  You’ll also have to reseal it about once every year.  This isn’t a difficult or complicated process at all. In fact it only takes a few minutes.

Not All Granite Professionals are Created Equal… It Takes A Lot of Experience

The complaints that most folks have about granite countertops stem from bad planning and installation, or use of poor quality slab material. At MCM Natural Stone we only use premium slab material from reputable quarries. We do not purchase the cheaper, lower quality, “seconds” lots that are unfortunately all too available in the marketplace today.
You’ll more than likely get a tiny seam where the different slabs of granite have been placed together.  There’s no getting around that, but we do everything in our professional experience to minimize that seam.  We ensure that there is no break in the color or pattern of the granite because of the seam.  That’s because our fabricators take great care in planning your project.

We show you the exact slab you’ll get – unlike some places or contractors that will only show you a small sample.  Even among granites with the same color and name, from the same quarry, there are variations from slab to slab. Most people view that as a benefit since your counter top will be truly one-of-a-kind. We, at MCM Natural Stone, want to make sure you see the EXACT slab that is going in your kitchen.

Proper installation and support is also crucial.  Installing granite is not a do-it-yourself job – even for an experienced handyman or contractor. Yes, granite is very durable, but if isn’t handled, installed and supported correctly, it can crack. 

How Much Does a Granite Countertop Cost?

Granite countertops are sold by the square foot. Depending on the granite selected, pricing can vary from over $150 per square foot to a low of about $59 per square foot.  Most of our granite can be installed for between $59 – $89 per square foot.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with granite.  As you know, adding granite countertops to your kitchen also adds to the value of your home <link> — not to mention its beauty and lifetime durability.   

If you’d like to learn more about MCM Natural Stone, we’d love to hear about your project.  Just send an email to or call us at 585-586-6510.  

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    Doing all your homework can really make the difference when purchasing granite countertops.

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