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  • Redwineglassspill 2

    How A Granite Countertop Sealer Works


    Most Granite countertop sealers work in essentially the same manner; however, there’s plenty of misunderstanding about what sealers actually do. The common perception is that granite sealers form a protective film or shield that absolutely prevents staining or damage to the stone, which is not …

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  • May 117

    Simple Tips For Marble Care


    Do you love the look of marble countertops but you’ve heard horror stories of living with it in your home? We can put your mind at ease. While marble does need some tender loving care, it’s actually very easy to maintain. The secret is simply …

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  • Marble Island Countertop

    Why would a salesperson talk me out of marble?


    Recently, we had a customer visit our showroom looking for some straight answers about marble. Though this particular homeowner was very excited about his kitchen remodel, and had already decided on all of the surfaces, materials, and finishes that he wanted, he was visibly concerned. Turns …

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